What is RT?

What is a Recreational Therapist?

To become a Recreational Therapist (CTRS) you must:

    1. Earn a Bachelor or higher degree in Recreational Therapy (RT) or Therapeutic Recreation (TR) from an accredited college or university that includes the following coursework:
      • 1 course (3 hours) in Recreation
      • 6 courses (18 hours) in RT/TR
      • 1 course (3 hours) in Anatomy & Physiology
      • 1 course (3 hours) in Human Growth & Development Across the Lifespan
      • 1 course (3 hours) in Abnormal Psychology
    2. Complete a 560 hour & 14 consecutive week internship under the supervision of a CTRS at the internship site and at the academic institution. Some potential internship sites are listed below. Your university will have a list of sites they have current agreements with.
    3. Pass the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) exam from the NCTRC.

Looking for an educational program? Try Southern Illinois University’s TR Program!