Cedar Creek Strength


We are a garage gym originally started under the name CrossFit Carbondale. We were a traditional CrossFit gym from 2008-2012 as CrossFit Carbondale, and 2012-2013 as CrossFit Cedar Creek. During this time, our trainers were certified CrossFit Level 1 trainers with several specialty certifications. The CrossFit Level 1 courses were completed under Greg Glassman (at Camp Pendleton) , and Andy Stumpf & Jolie Gentry (at Rogue Fitness). The CrossFit Nutrition Certification was completed under Robb Wolf, the CrossFit Weightlifting Certification under Mike Burgener, and the CrossFit Mobility Certification under Kelly Starrett.

We strive to improve your overall health by assisting you in meeting performance or health/disability improvement goals. We believe that strength training is the foundation for meeting those goals.

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